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Case Study – Sushma

About Sushma: Hailing from Maharashtra, Sushma holds a B.Tech degree in Electronics and telecommunication.

Problem Statement: After unsuccessful attempts of securing a government job, Sushma decided to try luck in the IT field. Learning programming languages did not give her the head start she was looking for. Witnessing many of her friends who were still at home after learning software languages, Sushma felt dissuaded. She wanted to do a course which did not take too long to learn and would also give her a break in the IT industry.

Technical Writing and realization: Searching for jobs at browsing centers had become a routine activity for Sushma and her friends. While browsing they noticed requirements for ‘Technical Writer posted by many MNCs. Technical Writer positions were many in job portals and also job lead mails that they received. This raised curiosity to learn about technical writing. Inquiring with acquaintances, who were already working in IT companies, they learnt that this was a new yet thriving industry where jobs were a plenty for skilled technical writers with handsome pay.

Introduction to Tech Total: Sushma learnt about Tech Total through word of mouth. Deciding to pursue this further, she came to meet the trainers at Tech Total and inquired about the various training courses.

She was apprehensive about her ability to become a technical writer. Being under the impression that technical writers needed to be excellent English speakers and writers, she was unsure if technical writing was the right profession for her. The trainers at Tech Total put all her fears to rest.

She was given a thorough explanation of their different training courses which extensively covered all aspects of technical writing.

Identifying training needs: Sushma studied all the training courses at Tech Total to understand which would suit her needs. As she was from a technical background, trainers wanted her to concentrate more on writing rather than the technical aspects. She enrolled into a 45 days certificate course in technical writing.

This course contained in depth tutorials of:

Software Development Life Cycle: Training in Software development, Testing, Maintenance and Retirement. Also teaches related software product features and business benefits. Analyzing product architecture and many more.

Technical Writing -DDLC: What is technical writing, role of a technical writer, Principles of Technical Writing, Documentation Deliverables, Printed documentation and Online Help Systems and others.

Documentation Process: Understanding Audience/Readers, Collecting and Organizing the Information,
Drafting the Information verbally and visually and producing the Information.

Technical Writing Process: Document Development Process, Documentation Planning, Selection of Tools, Content Development, Elements of Style, Technical Reviews, Content Publishing, Quality Control, and Content Maintenance apart from other processes.

Grammar and Editing: English Grammar, Punctuation and Mechanics, MS Style Guides & Proof Reading.
Certificate course also included training in various technical writing tools. Tools like:

  • Microsoft Word (Advanced)
  • Macromedia RoboHelp
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • Snag IT
  • Ms Visio
  • PowerPoint
  • PhotoShop

She started to work on corporate technical documents which were constantly monitored and reviewed by faculties at Tech Total. There was an immediate engagement in projects which could promote technical writing skills and give an opportunity to learn different aspects of technical writing. User manuals, Help guides, White Papers, SRS, FRS, Quick Start Guides, and many other forms of technical writing were introduced. Focus remained on the precise and concise writing and as many pages as possible with meaningful text in the span of 45 days.

Evaluation: After the completion of the course, an interview was conducted to measure the effectiveness of the training. During the interview test strengths and weaknesses were re-identified. Suggestions were given to fill the gap with working on weaknesses. Having fared well in re-tests, Sushma was assisted with placement options.

Placement Division: Tech Total suggested enrollment into their placement division. Before arranging interviews Tech Total conducted mock interviews and prepared her well in advance. This instilled confidence and Sushma felt ready to face interviewers.

Even though there were 3 interviews from different companies arranged, Sushma managed to clear the first interview successfully and bagged a job with the company.

Current profile: With almost 5 years of experience, today Sushma is working in Agility E-service for the last 2.5 years. She is a senior technical writer and is expecting a promotion anytime soon.

About the profession of technical writing, Sushma says that it’s an ever flourishing profession and is best suited for anyone from any kind of background. In her opinion, technical writer should be able to write flawlessly in English, and should have a passion to learn irrespective of the subject.

Promotions and pay hikes are on par with software developers and testers in this field. Chances for onsite projects are a plenty as long as you have an edge over other writers. If one is ready to multi task, technical writers are mostly selected to present project details to clients.

Even though documentation and creation of different help and user guides is the core job of technical writer, they should also understand the project from the customer’s perspective. Such a level of understanding is possible only by interacting with Senior Technical Leads, Technical Managers and Subject Matter Experts. Investing additional effort into your work will help in gaining recognition amongst peers and seniors.

Sushma doesn’t intend to ever change her profession of a technical writer as:

• It gives satisfaction of understanding all aspects of an existing or new product.

• This job gives the chance to avoid night shifts or working on weekends. As a technical writer one only needs all the information necessary for documentation. So a technical writer need not be present in person while day to day activities of a project take place.

• This job gives an opportunity to enjoy personal time along with work.

• Most importantly, she is happy as it lets her create something new every day. Be it user guide, proposals, release notes etc.

Testimonial: I wish Tech Total flourishes. Call center executives, Tele-callers, Medical transcriptions, housewives, Software professionals wanting to switch from high pressure jobs, or anyone who can write and speak English without grammatical mistakes should join Tech Total to break through into the IT industry or want to change their current profession.

There are tons of other institutes promising to show you the sky. But only Tech Total lives up to its word and practically helps you step by step to reach the position you dream of. Not only do they teach you the course but also create faith and confidence that you can be a good technical writer :)

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