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How genuine and professional are the training programs at TechTotal? How doyou prove yourself trustworthy?
We are very proud to say that TechTotal Soft Systems Pvt.Ltd is one of the few technical writing training providers in India. There is no big evidence other than our long clientele to prove ourselves trustworthy.

What are the different training programs that TechTotal offers ?

  • Technical Writing
  • Instructional Designing

Is your syllabus updated and matching the industry requirements?

As we are a technical writing base company and we have team of technical writers working with the clients, the syllabus is always updated as per the industry requirements. The tools are revised based on the tools being used by the technical writers in most of the companies.

What are the different modes of training you offer?

We offer classroom as well as online training.

What are the different training programs and the payment options available? Please let me know the detailed fee structure.

The training programs available are:

Technical Writing Certification Course
- The duration of this course is 30 days with a session on every alternate day. All the 15 sessions include a theory and a practical class of one hour each.

Crash Course in Technical writing- The duration of this course is 15 days with a session on each day. All the 15 sessions include a theory and a practical class of one hour each.
The payment can be made via ICICI, HSBC, HDFC banks or PayPal account in two equal installments. The first installment is to be paid before the commencement of the first session.

Cash/cheque can be deposited in the following banks:

Bank:  ICICI

Account Name: TechTotal Soft Systems Pvt Ltd
Account Number: 020205002245.
Branch: Panjagutta, Hyderabad.

Bank:  HSBC

Account Name: TechTotal Soft Systems Pvt Ltd
Account Number: 081727539001.
Branch: Somajiguda, Hyderabad.

Bank:  HDFC

Account Name: TechTotal Soft Systems Pvt Ltd
Account Number:  12282000000093
Branch:  Panjagutta, Hyderabad.

  • Payment can also be made online via PayPal
  • You can even swipe your credit/ debit card and make the payment.

Online training .5


How is online training at TechTotal differenet from other institutes offering the same?

The online training at TechTotal is one-on-one, where the trainee can directly interact withthe trainer and get their queries clarified instantly. We even have a dedicated LMS to serve your needs in a very efficient way. Here the trainee is benefitted by the personal attention of the trainer with no deviations.

What measures do you take in order to make an online trainee feel the ambience of classroom training?

The online training program at TechTotal is unique and student oriented. The trainer comes online in video conferencing and voice interacting software to have a voice chat and later with the help of remote sharing; the trainer shares his desktop with the trainee. This helps the trainee grasp and make a note of every motion of the trainer on the desktop. This also develops a feel of classroom training.

Is the syllabus same for both the online students and the classroom students?

Yes, both the trainees are taught definitely the same. The procedure of assigning tasks, reviews and the feedback is all same with both online and the classroom trainees.

What is a LMS account?

Learning Management Systems (LMS) account is given to every student at TechTotal; it includes all the online materials and the course syllabus. The students are also given the option of having a chat with the trainer through this account.

I am not from India and interested in technical writing training. Suggest me a suitable training program. How do I receive the study material?

We thank you for your interest in our training programs. Our unique online training programme best suits your requirement. You can book a slot with the timings as per your feasibility. You are provided with the LMS account and the links to download the study material online.

Corporate Video

Technical Writing  

I am a working professional and cannot manage with classroom training. Can u please suggest me a training program that suits my requirement?

Keeping working professionals in mind we are successfully running weekend sessions and late evening sessions for corporates exclusively, to match their requirements and can be scheduled as per their flexibility.

I came to know about technical writing very recently and am interested in making it as my profession. How far can I trust your organisation in building my career, so that I can go ahead with the training program?

We welcome your right decision of choosing technical writing as your profession. TechTotal is having more than five years of experience in training aspirants who want shape their career as technical writers and thus gained a brand name in the industry as an official technical writing training company known for shaping the careers, who approach us, irrespective of the background they are from. This is possible as every company need technical writers. Honestly, we suggest you to go ahead with the training program without any hesitation.

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I am a fresh graduate and willing to pursue technical writing course. I have made many job trials earlier and ended up no where.  Will this training program fetch me a job?

You will be glad to know that there is a huge dearth of technical writers in industry. Mere efforts from your side will definitely fetch you a job.

How am I guided and reviewed during the training program?

The students are under the guidance of trainers who are experienced technical writers themselves by profession. The trainees are assigned a task at the end of each session and a feedback is given after the review in the next session.


I am an experienced professional working for an organisation. Will I be benefited in terms of hike in the salary and better position after the completion of my training program?

After our training you will be industry ready professional to produce documents for various software and hardware products. Most of our students approach us with a similar kind of need and we have helped them in getting better jobs and the best salaries.

How is the full time certificate course in technical writing different from the other two courses?

The full time technical writing course is normally preferred by freshers who do not have any work experience. This includes a live project, interviews with SME’s, resume preparation.

Do the trainers have the required experience and the professionalism in training a student from a non- technical background?

We have trained students even from the non technical background in the past and they have come up in flying colours as successful technical writers. A non technical background is never a constraint for those aspiring to be a technical writer.

Who can pursue the technical writing course? What is the eligibility criterion that an aspirant needs to meet to be a technical writer?

Any graduate with a flair for writing and the ability to learn is eligible to be a technical writer. The aspirant can be from any background/ stream.

  • Any Graduate or Engineer
  • Candidates with any IT Exp
  • Medical Transcriptionists
  • Call Center Executives
  • Software Engineers
  • Technical writers for updating their technical skills
  • Lecturers, Teachers, Professors
  • Research Scholar

 Do I need to wait till the batch starts?

No, we start the training immediately after the registration. As we go with just two or three candidates in a batch, there is no scope of this problem to arise.


Can I hold the course and join later?

Yes, you can take a short break and rejoin the training.    

Can you tell me about the trainers at TechTotal?

The instructors are very knowledgeable and peculiarly patient which is assistive for the students. To know more about the trainers at TechTotal click here.   

Will I be provided with any course material during the training program?

Yes, every trainee enrolled for the training program is provided with a softcopy (CDs) of the required material.

Which sector recruits technical writers?

No matter which industry you’re considering for a career, it probably employs technical communicators. Technical communicators work in IT, computer science, Engineering, Medicine, Environmental studies, Electronics, Government, Media, Publishing, the Aerospace industry, and just about any field in which people must interpret and use technology. They are an indispensable part of today’s technological society.

I am already a technical writer and am interested in pursuing a course from TechTotal. Which training program best suits for me?

As you are already a technical writer, you can go with the advanced and customized crash course to expand your skills. The duration of the crash course is 15 days. 

I have a master’s degree in Business Administration and 2 years of work experience. Will I be able to get into a managerial position after my training at TechTotal?

Technical writing is a growing field in India and coming to career growth you can become documentation specialist, content analyst or even Business analyst too. It will be far better than the present job. Documentation specialist is a managerial position.

What is the present trend for a technical writer?

The high tech market is booming (usually!) and demand-driven by the computer industry–for technical communicators is very high. In fact there is actually a shortage of technical writers in the United States, India and Canada, and is rapidly turning that way in other countries. Thus, employers are open to recruit entry-level writers who wish to break into the field.

How can you differentiate the training at TechTotal from other institutes offering the same course?

TechTotal Soft Systems Pvt Ltd is a company and not an institute; all the trainers here are live Senior Technical Writers. We go with just two or three students in each session so that each trainee is benefitted by the personal attention of the trainer. This method of training differentiates TechTotal from other institutes offering the same and this proved to be successful for the trainees.

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What are the various job positions that I will achieve down the line in future, once I start my career as a technical writer?

A technical writer entering into an organisation is an entry level technical writer. An entry level technical writer can climb up the ladder with various positions ahead: Senior technical writer, Technical Editor, Information Developer, Information Analyst, Technical content writer, Technical communication specialist, Documentation Manager.

Will I be able to master all the technical writing tools in this training programme that are currently used in the IT industry?

TechTotal trains the aspirants on a set of technical writing tools that are used by most organisations in the IT sector. Mastering all the tools that are mentioned in the syllabus is easily possible with small efforts from your side. We train all the tools that are mentioned in the prescribed syllabus.

How about the lab facilities at TechTotal? Can I practice the tools after the session?

TechTotal always admires students making use of the lab facility. The trainees who would like to practice the tools are always welcome to TechTotal.  

How is the certification done? What is the situation if I do not clear the certification test?

A student is awarded the certificate from TechTotal Soft Systems Pvt. Ltd only after he/ she crosses the minimum cut-off mark in the certification test.

What are the minimum system requirements that I need to have in order to undergo online training?

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows OS (preferred windows XP or vista)                             
  • Internet connection (min 512 kbps)
  • Headphones with a mike 

Do you offer any 3-days or 5-days training program instead?

Yes, we have 3 days full time program, with 8 hours of sessions per day. Training is done through classroom training/ online mode with a break of one hour.

Will I be assured of a job after completing the training program?

We provide placement assistance by helping aspirants with a proper resume and interview tips. We assist the candidate till he/ she is placed.

Should I need to have a PC at home to practice and master the tools?

No, it is not mandatory to own a PC. The candidates can practice in the lab under the guidance of the trainers on prior intimation.

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